To provide a full set of chlorination system water ring for Chengdu Water Project
Date:2013-05-01   View:2820

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In April 8, 2013, China Shanghai - the world's leading water supply and wastewater treatment solutions provider Severn Trent (Severn Trent Services, hereinafter referred to as STS) in tap water and Chengdu City seven factory cooperation, will provide the capital control for the first phase of the project (Capital? Controls?) a full set of chlorination system.

With the accelerating process of city, Chengdu urban water demand has reached the existing water supply capacity limit, need to increase the amount of water before the 2013 summer peak water coming. In the past 20 years, drinking water treatment plant STS was the Chengdu City running provides chlorination equipment nearly 95%, including two factory, five factory, six factory. With long-term cooperation accumulation of trust, and rich experience in technical standards, operation method, STS once again won the favor of customers, for Chengdu City water plant with seven have the high performance-to-price ratio end-to-end chlorination system and service, including installation and after sale maintenance. This factory first phase project design scale of 500000 tons / day, long-term scale of 1000000 tons / day, can effectively deal with water growth. Project delivery time plan in 2013 April.

The chlorination system used (3) capital control series 71V3000 series liquid chlorine vaporizer, is the industry's only can provide with the State General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine approval 'special equipment manufacturing license - pressure vessel' liquid chlorine vaporizer. In order to ensure the normal dosage and meet water adding and using high doses of break point chlorination of special circumstances, but also meet the stringent safety requirements. The system also uses (13) capital control series FX4045 series chlorinator, can open and close operation according to the signal from the 1450 series controller received. The controller receives the electrical input signals from the flowmeter, automatic control valve to maintain the required amount of residual chlorine, total chlorine levels in water accurately maintained within prescribed limits.

The field as a leading global provider of STS chlorination system, has been to the market more than 50 years of history, produced by the company's capital control series 71V3000 series liquid chlorine evaporator and capital control series FX4000 series chlorination equipment has been successfully applied in a number of international projects.

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